Common Name: Hemlock
Scientific Name: Tsuga dumosa (D. Don) Eichler
Nepali Name: Salla Simta
Family Name: Pinaceae
Parts Used: Cone
Main Uses: Raw material in the preparation of handicrafts. 
Medicinal Properties: N/A
Active Compounds: N/A

Introduction: Evergreen coniferous tree of pine family about 40 m high, branches drooping. Leaves small petioled, about 2 to 3 cm long, linear, entire, more or less distichous, apex obtuse. Cones ovoid.

Availability: Distributed from 2300 to 3300 m mixed with Rhododendron and Quercus trees throughout Nepal.

Harvesting Time: November to December

Description of traded part: Cone is nut shaped, broad in base and tapering towards end, light violent in color, scaly sporophylls

Uses: It is used as raw material in the preparation of handicrafts.