Apps development(Android and IOS) for Management information System for sharing in rural and urban areas

Sunday, January 14 th, 2018

Reporting to:

Project Coordinator (NEHHPA)

Reporting Date:

Jan 21st, 2018

Place of assignment:



A. Background

Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA) is an umbrella organization of Nepali herbal collectors, producers, manufacturers and traders in the sector of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), particularly Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). Established in 2002, NEHHPA now accounts for more than fifty member herbal companies. The main goal of NEHHPA is to promote Nepal’s high-quality herbs and herbal products at the national and international levels and strengthening responsible business through producing and marketing quality products. NEHHPA activities include marketing and networking, business development, capacity building, research and quality assessment and advocating for its member's companies. NEHHPA aims to improve the livelihood and provide farmers with market access to create income opportunities for poor rural households. Therefore, NEHHPA provides necessary support to the rural community for producing and marketing quality products. NEHHPA achieves its goal through conducting various programs, events, and activities that are supportive to have extended marketing capabilities of its members as well as the entrepreneurs in this sector.


NEHHPA has a strategic alliance with a number of donors and bilateral aid agencies and the alliance is working to institutionalize the herbal sector business in Nepal. Among these HELVETAS is also one. HELVETAS has a strategic alliance with NEHHPA on Promotion of herbs and herbal based enterprises, Capacity development of herbal based entrepreneurs, Research and Development (R&D), Joint collaboration and actions for policy dialogue and advocacy in favor of micro-entrepreneurs for resource-based enterprise development.

The strategic alliance will be executed in Province 2. The project aims to improve production, manufacturing and marketing practices of MAPs for their sustainability, strengthen the private sectors and facilitate the MAPs trade in Nepal. In Nepal, the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)—mainly the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)—contribute to the income of thousands of Nepalese households across the country. The opportunity for this sector is huge in Nepal. In order to share information among the viewers and members in rural and urban areas about MAPs sector, the application has been planned to develop.


B. Purpose of the assignment:

The purpose of the developing the application for Android and IOS is to disseminate the information about MAPs to the different actors of the value chain.

The apps will provide following information to the buyer:

1. Home

a. Includes herb price list with search functionality

b. Download price list for offline use


2.  Herbs

a. List of herbs available and its brief info with the gallery.

b. Search functionality


3. Notification- 

a. Notifies user for the latest updates like price lists, news, events and so on


4. Download

a. Code of conduct pdf

b. Join Nehhpa Form Pdf

c. And other related files

d. Download price list in pdf


5. About us

a. Information about Neppha, Nepal herbs, its history and other related information’s


6. Contact us

a. Contact info’s

b. Direct call functionality

c. Direct email functionality


7. Gallery

a. Gallery category screen and related images with slideshow.


8. Video

a. Shows YouTube videos of nehhpa channel on YouTube


9. News/Events

a. Comprises of news/event title screen and its detail info screen.


10. Members

a. List of members and their contact info’s with a link to their respective website or landing page.


11. Team and executive committee

a. List of name post, company, address with the picture of the executive committee. (15 team members)

b. List of adviser team (include name address company name contact detail)


12. Notice

a. List of notices and their brief description

b. Details of specific notice, TOR, EOI


13. API (Application programming interface)

a. Protocols for communication between various software (e.g. between web database and mobile platform)

b. Might require new development of some web backend as well (for instance notifications, pricelist and so on)


C. The scope of service of the consultants:

The scope of this assignment is as follows:

  • The methodology and tools will be presented to NEHHPA before implementation.
  • Resource person/consultant in close consultation with NEHHPA will develop the apps.
  • Contact with members for acquiring the desired information.
  • Compilation of all the collected information in the standard format.


D. Approach/Methodology:

The resource person/team of a consultant is expected to follow the following methodology: 

  • Make a checklist of all the components for which the information is required
  • Verify the checklist with NEHHPA team
  • The consultant shall collect the required documents from NEHHPA.


E. Key requirements of consultant/consultancy institution:

The resource person/consultant will have a responsibility of designing the apps in consultation with the NEHHPA team. The resource person/consultant will be responsible for overall coordination and facilitation of the process. The consultant/organization should have:

  • At least Bachelor Degree in Information technology
  • Experience in similar field
  • Proficient in both English and Nepali


F. Expected Results/ Outputs:

Following are the expected results of this assignment (contract):

  • The application will be developed and be functioning in Android Mobile.