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Dr Krishna Ram Amataya, Advisor

Shambhala Herbal Aromatic Industry

Expertise: Essential oils

Dr Krishna Ram Amtaya is the Director of Shambhala Herbal Aromatic Industry. Shambhala Herbal and Aromatic Industry Pvt. Ltd is mainly involved in processing essential oils from aromatic plants from wild resources in the mountains of Nepal and cultivating conventional oils under organic conditions. He is an expert in manufacturing Lemongrass oil, Citronella Oil, Palmarosa oil, and Mentha oil and has vast experience in research in plant chemistry including essential oils and pharmaceutical analysis and went later to management of production of plant resources based products in the Government.


Parbat Gurung, Immediate Past President

Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd. (HBTL)

Expertise: Essential oils

Mr Parbat Gurung is the director of Himalayan Bio Trade and advisor to the NEHHPA Executive Committee. His expertise is in the manufacturing of Wintergreen oil, Anthopogon Oil and Juniper Oil and is an expert in trading these essential oils as well.

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Dr Bhishma P. Subedi, Advisor

Asia Network for Sustainable Agricultural and Bioresources (ANSAB)

Expertise: Participatory conservation and rural development

Dr Bhishma Subedi is the Executive Director of ANSAB, has 20 years of experience in participatory conservation and rural development programs, research, policy analysis, university teaching, and networking. He has designed over 40 development and research projects and led the implementation of over 30 projects including those with multiple donors and partners in Asia; developed strategies, methodologies and tools; taught University courses; supervised Masters and PhD research; and monitored and evaluated conservation and development programs. Subedi has received a Ph.D. in Forestry from Kumaun University, an M.S. in Forest and Environmental Sciences from Yale University and a B. S. in Agriculture from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has over 50 published articles, books, practical manuals, guidelines and tool kits, and over 60 research/ technical reports.  Contact: +977-1-4497547 -


Ram Hari Subedi ,

Gorkha Axim Pvt. Ltd.

Expertise: Exporter of Herbal Products

Ram Hari Subedi is the CEO and Founder of Gorkha Exim Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1998, it is one of the leading Nepalese company run by experienced and qualified professionals involved in herbs and natural products sector. The company deals with Ayurveda health products, natural nutritional supplements, herbal teas and essential oils. He is also one of the directors of Gorkha Ayurved, a manufacturing company involved in ayurvedic medicine production. 

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Govinda Ghimire, President

Alternative Herbal Products (AHP)

Expertise: Juice production, exports of spices

Mr Govinda Ghimire is an expert in herbal product, food and cosmetic processing and marketing. As the executive director of Alternative Herbal Products (AHP), he has been engaging in the trade of herbs and food supplementary organic products since 1998. He co-founded NEHHPA in 2002 and has been president of the organization for the past 7 years.

Contct No.:- +977-9851120541




Laiku Lama, 1st Vice President

Himalayan Herbs Trader

Expertise: Manufacturing herbal handicrafts and trading raw herbs such as Cordyceps and Morel mushrooms.

Laiku Lama is the president of Himalayan Herbs Trader, an association of indigenous women entrepreneurs from the Humla district in northwestern Nepal, near the Tibetan border. It has been producing and exporting wild herbal products for many years. All the products are free from chemicals and additives. These products are collected and manufactured by local people.


Contact No.:- +977-9851033085



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Saraswoti Rai, 2rd Vice President

Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd (HBTL)

Expertise: Paper products, Essential oils, Vegetable oils, Nettle/ hemp products and fragrances

Mrs. Saraswoti Rai is responsible for the national sourcing and trade for Himalayan Bio Trade Pvt. Ltd (HBTL), a natural products processing and marketing company owned by a consortium of community-based forest enterprises of Nepal.

contact :- +977-9851138023



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Sushil Gyawali, General Secretary

Himalayan Naturals

Expertise: Enterprise development and community-based natural resource management

Mr. Sushil Gyawali, advisor of the Pro-Poor Economic Development Program, ANSAB and managing director of Himalayan Naturals, has over a decade of experience in managing enterprise-based biodiversity conservation projects and he is now fully engaged in the promotion of community produced products, especially bio-briquettes.  Mr. Sushil Gyawali’s field of expertise is to design and implement programs on enterprise development and community-based natural resource management especially natural products based enterprise development, community forestry, cluster promotion and networking, forest certification, and natural product marketing and value chains.

Contact :- +977-9851127784



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Ms. Anju Paudel, Treasurer

New Isha Enterprises

Expertise: Crude Herbs

Trader of crude herbs; Yarshagumba, Satuwaa, Orchid, Saffron, Wild Garlic (Ban
Lasun), Silajeet, Red Mushroom, Elaeocarpus Ganitrus (Rudraksha),

Contact :- +977-9841193333

Email :-

Website :- N/A


Meena Kumari Lama, Executive Member

Siddhi Vinayak Export and Import

Expertise: Cordyceps, Jungle honey (natural honey)

Mrs. Meena Kumari Lama is the director of Siddhi Vinayak Export and Import. Mrs. Kumari Lama has been leading a company in the garment industry for many years and is now specialized in trading Cordyceps and natural, Jungle honey.

Contact :- +977-9851017408

Email :-

Website :- N/A


Prabin Kumar Bastola, Executive Member

Panchatatwa International Pvt. Ltd

Expertise: Marketing and trading of Honey, tea, coffee, nettle powder.

After working 8 years in Nabantim Business Pranali, Mr Prabin Kumar Bastola established Panchatatwa International Pvt. Ltd in 2012 with the aim to promote natural resources such as organic products and medicinal herbs found in Nepal. As Panchatatwa’s founder and director he is interested in collecting, packaging and marketing herbal resources inside and outside the country under the participation and involvement of Nepali youth so as to attract them for the development of their nation instead of going abroad.

Contact :- +977-9851014584

Email :-

Website :-


Ganesh Shrestha, Executive Member

National Herbo Trade

Expertise: Herbal Cosmetic

National Herbo trade is inbound with Trade Commissariat as well as Inbred Tax in the year 2064/11/22. From Seven Years this Nationla Herbo trade is selling and buying Herbal Cosmetic and Health Fitness. This trade link is also do marketing of Beauty Cosmetics of International Market.

Contact :- +977-9803020452

Email :-

Website :-

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Sanjeev Kumar Pandey, Executive Member

Bounty Himalaya

Expertise: Manufacturer of Soaps

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pandey is director of Bounty Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pandey is an expert and works in the production and selling and distribution of cosmetics products.

Contact :- +977-9802076218

Email :-

Website :-

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Govinda Ghimire


Tel: +977 985 112 0541


Mr Govinda Ghimire is an expert in herbal product, food and cosmetic processing and marketing. As the executive director of Alternative Herbal Products (AHP), he has been engaging in the trade of herbs and food supplementary organic products since 1998. He co-founded NEHHPA in 2002 and has been president of the organization for the past five years.

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Yubraj Subedi

Finance and Administrative Officer

Tel: +977 985 108 7981


Mr Yubraj Subedi has been working with NEHHPA since 2010. Yubraj is responsible for all administrative, management and logistical related tasks. Yubraj has completed his masters in Humanities and Social Science and is fluent in Nepali, English, Maithili, and Hindi.