Designing and fabrication of Portable Solar/Hybrid Dryer for MAPs & Agri Products

18th December 2017

Title of Assignment: Designing and fabrication of Portable Solar/Hybrid Dryer for MAPs & Agri Products

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Project Coordinator NEHHPA

25th December 2017

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Contract Period:

20 days


  1. Background

Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA), an umbrella organization of Nepalese herbal producers, manufacturers, and traders in the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) sector particularly covering Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) sub-sector, was established in 2002. NEHHPA is working to build sustainable business system for the promotion of herbs and herbal sector in Nepal. NEHHPA members include Herbal collectors and producers, Manufactures and Traders. NEHHPA stands as leading business promotion organization in NTFPs/MAPs sub-sector partnering with national and international organizations.

NEHHPA vision is “Sustainable, profitable and healthy commercialization of herbs and herbal products in Nepal contributing towards the overall economic development of the nation”.

Mission of NEHHPA is to:

  • To understand and respond to members’ business development needs and aspirations and create enabling environment.
  • To provide business services in terms of knowledge, information, skills, advocacy and business development services to the stakeholders.
  • To attract, serve and mobilize new members by providing affordable, accessible and applicable business service.
  • To work closely and collaboratively with members and stakeholders to promote profitable MAP business enterprises.

NEHHPA has a strategic alliance with a number of donors and bilateral aid agencies and the alliance is working to institutionalize the herbal sector business in Nepal. Among these HELVETAS is also one. HELVETAS has a strategic alliance with NEHHPA on Promotion of herbs and herbal based enterprises, Capacity development of herbal based entrepreneurs, Research and Development (R&D), Joint collaboration and actions for policy dialogue and advocacy in favor of micro-entrepreneurs for resource-based enterprise development.


The strategic alliance will be executed in Province 2. The project aims to improve production, manufacturing and marketing practices of MAPs for their sustainability, strengthen the private sectors and facilitate the MAPs trade in Nepal. In Nepal, the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)—mainly the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)—contribute to the income of thousands of Nepalese households across the country. The opportunity for this sector is huge in Nepal. Despite huge opportunities in MAPs sector, the producers and traders have not been able to reap the benefits as per the potential. Farmers and traders of these products are prone to extremely lower margins due to the low quality of the products which is also caused due to less efficient post harvesting technology particularly the drying process. After harvesting the products are generally dried under the sun. This technique is useful only for the products that grow during good sunshine days. But for the products that have to be harvested either during winter or raining season, this technique is not effective. There is neither shed for storing the products nor airtight dryer house for drying the products. As a result, the products get contaminated due to lack of storage and drying facility. Especially, yeast or fungus growth takes place reducing the quality of the products.

  1. Purpose of the assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to design and fabricate one solar/hybrid portable dryer in Kathmandu with the latest technology such as automatic control mechanism for handling temperature and humidity to maintain the quality and freshness of the products. This dryer can be used not only for MAPs product but also for agro products.

The overall objective of the dryer is to amplify the international trade of MAPs products for contributing to the overall economic growth of the country.

  1. Scope of service of the consultants:

The scope of this assignment is as follows:

  • Development of design of modern solar/electric portable dryer as proposed
  • The consultant shall work with NEHHPA programme coordinator and executives to finalise the design. The consultant shall fulfil the necessary parameters as suggested by NEHHPA members
  • Implementation of the design for fabrication of the dryer
  • Manufacturer Modern portable dryer
  • Prepare technical report rewarding the design, fabrication and operation of solar/electric portable dryer
  • Facilitate the users to use the dryer
  • Complete the task within stipulated timeframe
  1. Approach/Methodology:

The methodology and tools will be presented to NEHHPA before actual implementation. Resource Person/Consultant in close consultation with NEHHPA will design the all overall framework. The resource person/team of consultant is expected to follow the following methodology:

  • Consultant shall identify the need of NEHHPA before designing it
  • Incorporate all the technical parameters as suggested by NEHHPA
  • Develop the design as per NEHHPA members suggestion
  • Update NEHHPA members regarding the incorporated parameters
  • Describe the functioning of incorporated parameters before finalisation
  1. Key requirements of consultant/consultancy institution:

The resource person/consultant will have a responsibility of designing framework of solar/electric modern portable dryer in consultation with NEHHPA team. The resource person/consultant will be responsible for overall coordination and facilitation of the process. The consultant should have:

  • University Degree in engineering and have a relevant working experience in the sector
  • Experience in manufacturer traditional and modern dryer.
  • Very good knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects on solar and electric.
  • Experience in making equipment for agriculture products, MAPs, and spices.
  • Sound knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs).


  1. Expected Results/ Outputs:

Following are the expected results of this assignment (contract):

  • Designing of modern solar/electric portable dryer
  • One dryer fabricated based on above-proposed design
  • Facilitation to the user's group to operate the dryer
  1. Working Schedule:

This assignment is to be completed within the contacted period in the time frame of twenty days, as per the time line indicted by NEHHPA in their terms of reference for each of the activity:




No. of days

  • Designing of modern solar/electric portable dryer

Meeting with NEHHPA,

9 days

  • One dryer fabricated based on above-proposed design


10 days

  • Facilitation to the user's group to operate the dryer


1 days